General Cleaning

Here's what you can expect from us when you avail of our service on General Cleaning. Please note that you have to book for the appropriate size of your house and add service time as necessary for us to complete the tasks set out here.

Sweeping or vacuuming of floor
Mopping of floor
Scrubbing/ cleaning of floor and tiled walls
Dusting/ wiping surfaces, removal of cobwebs
Cleaning of mirrors
Cleaning of sink, toilet, shower area, and bathtub
Washing of dishes (except heavily soiled kitchenware)
Garbage Disposal (within 200 meters from residence and customer provides garbage bag and place of disposal


1. The service inclusions above considers a "maintenance" cleaning and not for move-in or move-out cleaning.

2. The service above excludes any heavy-lifting and rearranging of furniture, repairs, de-clogging, washing of clothes, and anything not mentioned above.

3. The service refers to basic cleaning and no disassembly of electronic parts. Eqiupment must be unplugged before cleaning.

4. Working at heights is discouraged for the safety of our employees.

5. Customer should provide the cleaning and/or polishing chemicals (except if purchased through helpmeet) and toilet brush (for sanitation reasons).