Home Cooking

You provide the ingredients, cooking ware, and kitchen and we do the cooking for you at your home! You need to ensure that your kitchen is safe, ready, and clean before our service starts. This service includes the following:

* Washing, cutting, and slicing of spices, vegetables, and meat (needs to be defrosted at least 30 mins before the service)

* Cooking

* Washing kitchen utensils and cooking ware and cleaning up the kitchen

Here are some of the dishes that our helpmeets are able to cook deliciously! If you don't see your desired dish in the menu, just show them how to cook it for the first time and they will cook your desired dish the next time around.


* Beef Caldereta/ Beef Meat Stew

* Creamy Beef & Mushroom

* Beef Mechado / Braised Beef

* Saucy Beef with Brocolli

* Beef Bistek / Beef Steak

* Nilagang Baka / Tender Boiled Beef Soup

* Beef Tapa / Dried Cured Beef / Beef Jerky

* Beef Kare-kare / Beef stew in peanut sauce

* Mongolian Beef

* Bulalo / Beef Shank Soup


* Buttered Chicken

* Chicken Curry

* Chicken Adobo / Chicken Vinegar-braised

* Chicken Pochero / Chicken Stewpot

* Chicken Mushroom in a Creamy Sauce

* Pininyahang Manok / Pineapple Chicken

* Chicken Afritada / Chicken Tomato Stew

* Chicken Kaldereta / Chicken Meat stew

* Chicken Pastel

* Chicken Bistek / Chicken Steak

* Chicken Hamonada / Pineapple Chicken

* Steamed Chicken in Chinese style

* Baked Chicken with Potato & Lemon

* Baked Whole Chicken

* Spicy Korean Chicken wings

* Fried Chicken

* Tinolang manok / Chicken broth with ginger

* Chicken Shanghai in lumpia wrapper


* Pork Steak

* Pork Adobo / Pork Vinegar-braised

* Pork Menudo / Tomato-based stew of pork meat and liver

* Pork Sinigang / Stewed pork in Sour Soup / Tamarind Broth

* Pork Mechado / Braised Pork

* Pocherong Baboy / Stewpot Pork

* Pork Kaldereta / Pork Meat Stew

* Pork Afritada / Pork Tomato Stew

* Pork Bicol Express / Spicy Pork stew in Coconut milk

* Pork Igado / Pork & liver stew (Ilocano dish)

* Pork Kare-kare / Pork stew in peanut sauce

* Pork Binagoongan / Pork in Shrimp Paste

* Pork Shanghai in lumpia wrapper


* Chopseuy

* Pinakbet / Mixed Vegetables sauteed in shrimp sauce

* Bake Marble Potatoes

* Stir-fried Veggies

* Adobong Kangkong / Water spinach in soy sauce and vinegar

* Tortang Talong / Eggplant Omelette

* Ampalaya with beef / Bitter gourd with beef

* Salad Veggies

* Gatang Langka / Unriped Jackfruit in coconut milk

* Laing / Taro leave in coconut milk

* Spicy Stir-fried cabbage


* Buttered Shrimp

* Seafood Island

* Adobong Pusit / Squid Vinegar-braised

* Butter Garlic Crab

* Ginataang Shrimp with kalabasa & string beans / Shrimp with squash & string beans

* Deep Fried Crablets

* Baked Cheesy Mussels

* Crab Relyeno / Philippine-style stuffed crab


* Sweet and Sour Tilapia / Cichlid

* Fish Steak

* Escabecheng Isda / Marinated fish in vinegar and spices

* Pocherong Tilapia/Cichlid / Stewpot Tilapia/Cichlid

* Fried Fish

* Buttered Garlic Seafood

* Fish Paksiw / Boiled Pickled Fish

* Fish Sinigang / Stewed fish in Sour Soup/Tamarind Broth


* Carbonara

* Baked Macaroni

* Spaghetti


1. HelpMeet does not sell food - this service offers you help to prepare home-cooked meals. The customer must provide the necessary ingredients, cooking ware, kitchen, and any necessary equipment to prepare home-cooked meals.

2. The customer is responsible of providing the necessary instructions to operate in the kitchen safely. HelpMeet and its employees are not liable to any food poisoning or allergies caused by food as the ingredients and facility are provided by the customer.

3. HelpMeet's liability is limited in cases of undesired incidents. Please refer to section 11 on Liability & Claims of our Terms and Conditions to understand your responsibilities and HelpMeet's.